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  1. Will you replace my existing website? Options abound at W2. – There are many options on how the W2 portal can be used. It can be used along side your existing marketing website or completely stand on its own.
  2. Is the new website mobile friendly? Our site is responsive to any device. The W2 platform was built with a mobile first mentality. You will find that a large number of your users will be on mobile devices or tablets as opposed to traditional devices such as desktop computers / laptops. The W2 platform was built using a responsive design so that the interface will adjust to fit your user’s device.
  3. How long will it take to build my website? We can often have your website up and running within days of the contract execution.
  4. Can users and data be moved from my previous software platform? Depending on your specific needs, we have helped many of our customers with migrating their user accounts into the W2 platform.
  5. Will my website support multiple affiliate auctioneers? Your affiliate auctioneers are considered consignors.
  6. Will my website be optimized for search engines? In the SEO world, content is king and the W2 platform gives you all the tools to build out your website by creating custom content pages and customizing the content on your auction listing pages. Each sale in the system has a unique URL that can be marketed and linked to by all your social media sites.
  7. Can my website display past auction results? The W2 platform has a section specifically for viewing past auction results. This is all done for you automatically by the software.
  8. Who owns the user data and web copy? You as the leasee auction company own your data.
  9. What types of security are provided? Security is our number one priority. We start with hosting your platform site on secure servers along with securing all data transmission through HTTPS (via an SSL certificate). W2 is PCI compliant. User account information and other PII is stored on the server in non-human readable formats and we never store sensitive credit card information. We integrate with top payment processors Authorize.NET and Converge who process billions of online transactions every year in a safe and secure environment.
  10. Can I have social media embedded and blogs on my website? Yes, in settings you can add all your social media links.
  11. Can one organization have more than one auction site? You may have multiple auction sites as well as multiple pointers to your site. Your domain name is simply a pointer to a platform site so in the event you have multiple domains you can point those all to your platform site or have a distinct platform site for each domain. The choice is yours.
  12. Is this a multi-tenant platform? W2 manages a single code-base for all customers in a state of the art, scalable, cloud-based data center. When we upgrade the platform, you automatically get the newest features while maintaining your individual branding settings.
  1. Can administrative privileges be assigned to users? Administration rights can be assigned at multiple levels. At each level we have checks and balances in place to make sure that users are accessing only areas of the site they are approved to access. This is all controlled by you, the auction company admin. You have the power to invite other admins to the platform or revoke a user’s access at any time.
  2. How are sellers supported? W2 Marketing page for advertising and Tech support 24/7.
  3. How does data entry work? There are many different options on entering your auction catalog into the system. You, as an auction company admin, can setup the sale and all the catalog items or you can setup a sale, assign a consignor and allow them to populate their own catalog. In addition your auction catalog can be populated through our software interface or simply by uploading an Excel Spreadsheet with your data already in it. Photo uploads are accommodated with our drag and drop functionality.
  4. Can I catalog my auctions on a mobile device? All information can be entered from mobile device. Pictures can be taken and uploaded immediately from your cell phone or tablet.
  5. What is the type of imaging processing provided? All of your images are resized appropriately upon upload into our platform. We want to make sure that viewing your auction catalog is fast and easy for all of your users and a big part of that is making sure your pictures are optimized with the smallest file size possible for quick viewing.
  6. What are all the reports that are provided? There is accounting and auction reporting. You can run log reports by filter types and dates.
  7. Is there a way to chat online with the users? During live auctions, the auction clerks have the ability to send messages directly to specific users or all the users that are currently watching that live auction. This can be helpful to make general announcements to the bidders.
  8. How can a user sign up for mailing list? When a user registers for the W2 platform they create a user profile. Part of that profile creation allows the user to opt into the mailing lists
  9. What all types of social media is included? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  10. Is the platform cloud based? Yes, W2 is a cloud-based platform. This allows our platform to scale with user demand and minimizes any downtime compared to traditional hosting.
  11. Is there a limit on how many administrators that can be logged in at one time? You can have as many administrators as needed! You as the auction company have the rights to give the rights to your whoever you want.
  12. Can driver’s license be scanned? For our live auction, clerks can check in users by scanning their driver’s license. If the user has already registered for an event in the past (either live auction or online) then they are all set, otherwise the information that was captured on the driver license will automatically populate the registration form leaving only a few fields to register. Registrations are quick and fast using our driver’s license scanner.
  1. How are timed online auctions supported? Our software allows you, the auction company admin, to setup online auctions in various formats such are Racehorse, Staggered Ending, Listing Only, and Live Event Auctions.
  2. How are live auctions supported? W2 Technical support is always available through your account manager. For an additional fee a clerk can be provided to run the bid screen during auction.
  3. Are fixed-price listings supported? Yes, BuyNow lots are available in any timed auction type
  4. Is bid information updated in real time? Yes! There is no need to refresh, the platform has auto refresh!
  5. How are users qualified to bid? They must have a valid email and phone. They will verify phone to be able to be a registered bidder.
  6. How can I ban a user from bidding? On the user profiles you can make a user inactive or block the user’s bidding abilities while keeping their profiles active (to allow them to pay for an invoice, etc).
  7. How do users find items? The site has a built in search engine.
  8. Can users have a watch list? Yes
  9. Can users get notifications? User can opt for Text or Email outbid notifications (or both)
  10. How are users identified? On the online programming there is no way to identify a bidder. During Live Sales by bid number.
  11. Can bidder numbers be printed on site? Yes, once registered the admin will print the bidder numbers automatically assigned.
  1. What payment methods are available? Depending on what the auction company would like. Check, Credit Card, Cash and ACH (E-Check).
  2. Are invoices automatically generated? Yes, once the auction closes the invoices will automatically populate.
  3. Can a user’s credit card automatically be charged? No, the auction company will need to hit payment option and run CC, or users can pay for invoices themselves in their online account profiles.
  4. Are consignor statements automatically generated? As payments are made the consignor statements are updated. It is up to the Auction Company to add or withhold any other fees associated with that auction consignor by adding adjustments in the online accounting system.
  5. Do invoices include special tax rules and exemptions? Invoices can be set to charge sales tax per the state requirements.
  6. What payment processors are available? and Converge.
  7. Can bidders check themselves out? They can pay online from their invoice or their online profile if they would like to!
  8. When can a bidder check themselves out? As soon as they receive their invoice they can make a payment!
  9. How will the administrator know who has paid and who hasn’t? Once payments are made the invoices are updated and noted that payment has been received. There are also reports and other search capabilities that admins can user to identify unpaid invoices.