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Fast, Flexible Live Sales

Our Live Auction setup is flexible to meet your live auction sales need. It offers real-time video streaming along with real-time bid information so your bidders can keep up with the action whether they are online or at the live sale. Our live clerking software allows you to accurately run your live auction at a pace you are accustomed to.

Real-Time Mobile Friendly Interface

Just like our online sales, our live sales interface allows users to view the fast paced action from their mobile device, tablet or desktop computer all while not having to worry about refreshing their screen. Updates are pushed to the user in real-time so they can place bids quickly and keep pace with the action. Bidders will always know if they are winning, what the current asking price is and what is coming up next.

Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming

Imagine video so fast that online viewers are seeing and hearing the live auction in real-time. This is possible with our platform with a modest internet connection and a device as simple as a web camera. That is right! No need for a video production team to broadcast your live auction to online viewers in real-time. We have successfully broadcast many live sales on a mobile hot-spot and a cheap web cam. Our requirements to host a successful auction are low because we understand the limitations many auction companies face at their live auction venue.

Easy Bidder Registration

Registering to bid with our live auction platform is quick and easy. Your online auction users will be able to use their account that they have setup previously. New bidders that are registering to bid at the venue simply need to provide a few pieces of information in order to obtain their bidder number. For even faster experience, try our driver’s license scanner for quick registration. Simply scan a driver’s from any of the 50 states (or military ID) and the screen is instantly populated with the bidders information. Hit the register button and the bidder is ready to go.

Bidder Numbers

When registering, your bidders will automatically be assigned the next available bidder number in the system. Have a sale that is multi-day? No need to worry about duplicate bidder number confusion. Our system will allocate a bidder number long enough so that it won’t cause any duplicate overlap confusion. Printing bidder numbers is fast and easy. Simply search for the bidder and click on the print button to instantly print their bidder card.

Clerking Software

As part of our live auction platform, we have an fast, easy to use clerking software. This enables your auction clerks to move lots onto the block, instantly send messages to online users, see a complete bid history for an auction item, and keep pace with the sale. Selling an item on the block is easy and once sold an invoice for that item is instantly generated so your bidders can checkout at anytime during the sale. What is even more convenient, your bidders can pay for their purchases right on their mobile phones if you don’t want to wait in line to checkout and pay. Shorter lines, faster service means a more streamlined sale for you.

Auction Management

Live auctions are fast paced and sometimes after you have sold something on the block and moved on, there is a question about who bid and what the winning bid was. With tools like the bid management screen, you can see who the winning bidder was, the amount bid and make any changes that might be needed to resolve a dispute. We give your auction company the tools to run a smooth, worry free live auction.

Large Feature Set to Support Your Online Auction

Online auctions include many of the features listed above along with the core features of our auction platform. Contact Us for a comprehensive demo of our auction software.

Have More Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about or auction software that may help answer some of your questions.