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Live event cancelled? Thinking about taking your auction online? W2 is here to help you continue with business as usual. While online auctions are not a new concept, W2’s innovative approach introduces more opportunities and customization. Explore these options for taking your online auction to the next level. 


Racehorse Style

The racehorse style auction has been around for a while and suits the needs of many different types of buyers and sellers. Allow buyers to bid freely until a set ending time. At this time, any new bids will extend the timer allowing for continued bidding until no new bids are placed. W2’s software allows sellers to mix and match racehorse style and buy-it-now lots to customize the auction experience. In addition, the bidder interface includes synchronized real-time timers providing the most accurate information at all times. 

Racehorse Style + Live Stream Ending

The cancellation of many live auctions leaves a note of disappointment for most buyers and sellers. W2’s software brings the thrill of the auctioneers call and live competition right to the buyer’s living rooms. Begin your sale with racehorse style bidding and end with a live stream auction of each lot. Bidders can continue to bid from the safety and comfort of their home while experiencing the excitement of a live auction through either audio, video, or both! 

Staggered Ending 

Borrowing from the racehorse style concept, staggered ending sales place each individual lot on it’s own timer. Once an item no longer receives any incoming bids, it will sell. However other items may continue to receive bids. W2 recognizes that auctions are not a one-size fits all enterprise, and we offer the flexibility and customization you need. 

Buy-It-Now + Facebook Live Promotion

More comfortable with the buy-it-now format? W2 allows clients to set up Buy-It-Now only sales. For added exposure, consider going LIVE on Facebook to discuss your items, answer questions, and interact with buyers. W2 also offers a listing only catalogue builder which can accomplish a similar goal if sellers wish to negotiate and collect profits on their own.

Live Webcast

As the situation continues to improve and people continue to heal, we hope to see live auctions make a return in all their glory. However, with crowd restrictions and health in mind, we propose live webcasts as a safe transition. Limit the number of in person buyers at your live sale by offering up a live webcast of the event with ultra low latency video streaming, online bidding, and user friendly clerking and auction management software. 


Whether you’re new to the online auction industry or ready to upgrade to a more efficient, innovative system, W2 is ready to create a solution that works for you. Contact us today for a FREE demo! 

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